SON Launches Growth Mindset Initiative for BSN-1 Students

This summer, the School of Nursing launched “Mindset Mondays” for BSN students in their first semester. The idea was introduced in the College of Arts & Sciences for new students to improve their success. A group of SON faculty and staff have combined their years of experience working with new BSN students to put their own spin on this initiative.
The intervention is based on the work of Carol Dweck, PhD and others, and introduces students to strategies that help them develop a growth, rather than fixed, mindset. This in turn fosters resilience in students facing new challenges, like nursing school!

The students are reading a book by Dweck called Mindset, The New Psychology of Success.

Many students in the BSN-1 class attended the kickoff event on May 16th and there will be periodic meetings across the summer to explore the strategies presented in Dweck’s book. These include:

June 6, A Student Wellness presentation from Counseling & Psychological Services
June 13, Student Success Workshop with presenters from the Office of Undergraduate Retention
June 20, a TED Talk viewing and book discussion led by Shielda Rodgers and Julie Page
July 11, a wrap up event with certificates and the chance to win a fall textbook for those with perfect attendance.

The planning group for this project includes Beverly Foster, Shielda Rodgers, Kathy Alden, Jennifer Alderman, Julie Page, Carlee Meritt, and Jessica Lambert Ward.