Woodley selected as COIL Faculty Fellow

Clinical Associate Professor Lisa Woodley, PhD, MSN, RN, CNE, CHPN, has been selected as a UNC COIL Faculty Fellow for Academic Year 2022-23. In this role, she will serve as a campus-wide resource for other schools and departments at UNC who aim to implement COIL. Since Fall 2021, Dr. Woodley and her undergraduate nursing students have been partnering with faculty and students from the School of Nursing at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil to engage in personalized, interactive learning experiences focused on pediatric nursing. Leveraging COIL, UNC undergraduate nursing students and their Brazilian peers have learned about chronic illnesses experienced by children and families in both countries as well as best practices in providing culturally responsive nursing care. In addition, they have explored ways in which pediatric nurses can help to mitigate the impact of health disparities. Through these efforts, all of our undergraduate nursing students graduating this past year been able to enjoy a global learning experience as part of their curriculum, and Dr. Woodley aims to ensure that future undergraduate nursing students will have a similar experience.

Dr. Woodley believes that COIL experiences afford students the opportunity to learn about other cultures, develop a sense of global citizenship, understand the importance of their chosen profession at a global level, and appreciate similarities and differences across countries. She is honored to have been selected as a UNC COIL faculty fellow and looks forward to serving others in this role as a global educator and scholar.

Congratulations, Dr. Woodley!