AGPCNP Suggested Plan of Study

Ways to Study

  • Hybrid

Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner | BSN-DNP

DNP Course List

FallNURS 715: Pathophysiology for Advanced Nursing Practice3
NURS 720: Pharmacotherapeutics in Advanced Nursing Practice3
NURS 936: Informatics and Safe and Effective Health Care3
SpringNURS 740: Evidence-Based Practice / Research3
NURS 945: Population Health in a Global Context3
NURS 969: Applied Data Analysis3
SummerNURS 934: Clinical Scholarship and Professional Communication3
NURS 935: Leading Organizational and Systems Change3
FallNURS 750: Advanced Health and Physical Assessment for Advanced Practice Nursing — 45 lab hours3
NURS 752: Advanced Diagnostic Reasoning and Management2
NURS 921: Theoretical Principles of Evidence-Based Practice3
NURS 922: Critical Appraisal of Evidence3
Qualifying Exam
Spring NURS 810: Primary Care of Adolescents and Adults — 120 clinical hours6
NURS 923: Implementation and Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practice3
NURS 994: DNP Project3
Summer NURS 819: Advanced Practicum in Primary Care Management of Adults — 120 clinical hours2
NURS 825
Sexual and Reproductive Health for Advanced Nursing Practice
NURS 994: DNP Project
(if implementing DNP Project during
the summer)
Fall NURS 824: Advanced Concepts in The Clinical Care of Older Adults — 120 clinical hours4
NURS 967: Economics and Financing of Health Care Systems3
NURS 994: DNP Project3
Spring NURS 812: Care of Adults with Complex Health Problems — 240 clinical hours6
NURS 938: Public Policy and Advocacy in Health Care3
NURS 994: DNP Project
(if completing project)

Clinical hours must be taken in sequence.