Carrington Renewal Project update, demolition to begin this fall

Exciting developments are underway at Carolina Nursing as we embark on a project to replace the aging west wing of Carrington Hall, constructed in 1969, with a state-of-the-art Nursing Education Building. With demolition scheduled to begin this fall, we are thrilled to announce the beginning of a new chapter in our School's history.

While Carrington Hall has a rich legacy of more than fifty years, many of its classrooms leak, offices are closed due to leeching asbestos, its electrical systems create safety hazards, and its hallways and public spaces are over-crowded and fail to comply with ADA standards. 

These limitations have hindered our faculty's ability to provide instruction and conduct research vital to the advancement of our profession. They have also impeded the learning experience for our future nurses and restricted the number of qualified students we can admit to our programs.

The need to address these limitations grows increasingly urgent as North Carolina faces a critical nursing shortage, and the demand for highly skilled nurses is on the rise. 

Transforming Nursing Education at Carolina

The new world-class facility will transform nursing education at Carolina by:

What's Next

To ensure the transition goes as smoothly as possible, we have already begun relocating some School of Nursing departments to temporary swing spaces on campus. By September 1, 2023, Carrington Hall will be completely vacated and all faculty, staff and students will be fully settled in their new locations.

We are committed to keeping our community informed throughout the project and will share regular updates and opportunities for involvement along the way. Meanwhile, we have addressed some of your most frequently asked questions about the new Nursing Education Building here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We need your help

Recognizing the urgent need for more nurses to deliver exceptional healthcare to its citizens, the North Carolina legislature has provided partial funding for the new Nursing Education Building. However, we need to raise an additional $20 million in private funding to fulfill this vision.

You can play a crucial role in building a new home for Carolina Nursing. By supporting our building campaign through donations or spreading awareness, you will help shape the future of nursing education. Help us build a new home for Carolina Nursing by making a gift online today or completing our commitment form