Beeber Receives NIH Funding

Kudos to Professor Linda Beeber, PhD, RN, who recently received funding for her study “Enhancing Communication between Children in Early Intervention and their Depressed Mothers” from the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, National Institutes of Health.

Dr. Beeber will serve as lead principal investigator on a team with Anne Wheeler of the Research Triangle Institute as principal investigator. Co-investigators include the SON’s George Knafl and Julee Waldrop, as well as Dore LaForett of the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Center. Marcia Mandel of the Raleigh Children’s Developmental Services Agency, Maria Martinez and Steven Warren are consultants.

The two-phase study will determine whether an intervention to enhance communication between infants and toddlers with developmental disabilities and their depressed mothers can be integrated into federally funded Early Intervention (EI) services. EI services are offered in all 50 states to infants and toddlers to improve long-term child cognitive and behavioral outcomes. Positive outcomes of the project will support further testing and, ultimately, lead to a sustainable addition to EI programs in every US state.